The battle rages on! Last month we asked you to compare the new singles from Van Halen and their former bandmates in Chickenfoot, now we're taking the fight to the full-length album format. Which of their new records do you think is better -- 'III' or 'A Different Kind of Truth?'

Sammy Hagar's been jabbing at his former buddies for the last several months, calling his new outfit "man for man" better than Van Halen and saying Chickenfoot bassist Michael Anthony wasn't given a chance to show off his bass skills during his time in the older group. Van Halen's barely spoken to the press at all in support of the new album, and seems to be either taking the high road or letting their music do the talking in regards to Hagar's words.

Both camps have their obvious fans as well as doubters, and it's not simply a question of do you prefer Sammy or Dave. It's ultimately about the songs and which band made the better album. With songs like 'Different Devil' and 'Big Foot,' Chickenfoot's second release has already hit classic rock radio hard, but with public interest in Van Halen at especially high levels, 'Tattoo,' and 'She's The Woman' are scoring high with fans as well.

So far, Chickenfoot is handily winning the song battle, but which album gets your vote - Chickenfoot's 'III' or Van Halen's 'A Different Kind of Truth?'

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