Chickenfoot's new single 'Different Devil' shows the band confidently and successfully leaving riff-rock behind (at least temporarily) for a textured, rootsy song about making long-term relationships work.

With acoustic guitars and a mid-tempo rhythm track that sounds more like something John Mellencamp would come up with during his 'Paper in Fire' days -- guess that'll make Chickenfoot's touring drummer Kenny Aronoff, who played with Mellencamp for years, pretty comfortable -- the song is a mile from the charging 'Big Foot,' the band's last single and your choice for Best Song of 2011.

Sammy Hagar stays out of the stratosphere vocally, opting to sing in a lower register while patiently addressing a song to his (hopefully and presumably fictitious) long-term lover, who's wondering if there's better options out there for her romantically. As the song kicks into a higher gear, he issues his confident challenge:

"Walk away / If you think there's someone better / Run away / To the arms of someone new / You can stay / If you think he'll treat you better than I do / Turn around / I'll be right there waiting for you."

The singing and music at the song's conclusion seem triumphant and celebratory, as if Hagar either knows he's going to keep the girl or is pretty confident that's how things will turn out. Which is lucky, because if there's one thing a rich, famous talented singer / guitarist / tequila mogul has trouble doing, it's meeting women.


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