If Sammy Hagar has any competitive spirit churning in regards to the forthcoming new Van Halen album with David Lee Roth, he's addressing it in a huge way with the new Chickenfoot single 'Big Foot.'

The first single off the band's upcoming album, 'Chickenfoot III,' hits iTunes and radio tomorrow (Aug. 1), but was released today as an advance stream.

Of all of the music that Hagar has made post-Van Halen, 'Big Foot' flies closest to the much-loved Van Hagar sound that he employed so successfully during his tenure with the group.

It's been previously reported that Michael Anthony's vocals would be featured more prominently on the new album. And indeed, Anthony's harmonizing, which took so many Van Halen songs to that next level, matches with Hagar's vocals throughout 'Big Foot.'

'Big Foot' stomps, pun intended, with a Zeppelin-esque feel, thanks in big part to the strong thumping backbeat from drummer Chad Smith, who sounds like a monster on this new material, as was previously the case on the band's debut. Zep even gets a name-check, thanks to a stray 'Houses of the Holy' mention from Sammy:

“Well I've got 'Houses of the Holy,' on the box / I've got it all cranked up/ 'Cos yeah, that sure rocks!”

The timing of the release of 'Big Foot' couldn't be better, because it oozes with summertime vibes, something that comes naturally with Hagar's sun-soaked vocals. Both musically and lyrically, this song was made for driving with the top down on the highway. Thankfully, we've still got a few summer days left to accomplish that.

With his landmark single 'I Can't Drive 55' etched in our memory, it's always been a safe assumption that Hagar likes to put the pedal to the metal, but he certainly reiterates that here with the 'Big Foot' chorus. He's motoring at top speed and enthusiastically vocalizing his command of the open road, singing, "I got both hands on the wheel / And my big foot on the gas."

Joe Satriani rips his best 'Foot solo to date at the 2:18 mark and tears it up, continuing to reveal with each riff that he rocks with Chickenfoot that his playing is far removed from the stereotypical guitar virtuoso some might peg him for -- he isn't simply trying to jam in a bunch of notes. His solo on 'Big Foot' has a whole lot of flash, but it never feels over the top, barely crossing 20 seconds in total length and, man, it's awesome.

With their debut, Chickenfoot made a great rock album. Now, with the forthcoming 'Chickenfoot III' set for release on Sept. 27, we've been prepped to expect even better things -- and from the sounds of 'Big Foot,' we're officially buying into the hype.

Listen to Chickenfoot's 'Big Foot'

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