Apparently, Eddie Van Halen is "a little nervous" about how his band's first album with original lead singer David Lee Roth in over 25 years will turn out.

This according to Extreme guitarist Nuno Bettencourt, who recounts a meeting with Van Halen, his childhood guitar hero, in a recording studio back in January. Unlike Mark Tremonti from Alter Bridge, or Morgan Rose from Sevendust, it seems Nuno wasn't played any music from the new album in person, instead only hearing Eddie's distinctive work through the thick studio walls:

"It was faint, but even so, there was no mistaking the power of the sound that was seeping through those walls, because there can only be one Edward."

Later, Bettencourt encountered Van Halen in the hallway, and asked how the album was progressing. Eddie replied, "It's cool... I'm a little nervous though." When Nuno respectfully (and quite properly) asked how that could be possible, given Eddie's decades of game-changing guitar playing, the legend turned the tables on him:

"I know...why do you think I'm nervous?"

The entire story will be featured in an Eddie-centric new photo book entitled, logically, 'Eddie Van Halen' from legendary photographer Neil Zlozower. You can pre-order the book now for a scheduled Oct. 12 release date.

Odds are this album is gonna kick major butt, but if Eddie somehow needs more things to worry about, here's our list of Five Things That Could Go Wrong With Van Halen's New Album, balanced out by the more positive-minded Five Things That Could Go Right With Van Halen's New Album.

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