Chickenfoot's Michael Anthony is known for the soaring vocal harmonies he laid down on all those classic records by his former band, Van Halen. Well, guess what? On Chickenfoot's second album, 'Chickenfoot III,' the bassist's harmonizing ways will be featured even more prominently than they were the first time out with the supergroup.

Anthony told MusicRadar that when it comes to his voice, he is forever young. "For some reason, my voice doesn't age," Anthony admitted. "I can still hit those high harmonies just like I did back in the day . . . My wife likes to say I act like a kid, so maybe that's why I sing like one!"

Despite his deftness with harmonizing, Anthony doesn't want to take the next step and attempt a lead vocal. He told The Pulse of Radio that "I can sing, but I consider myself a bass player. I'm, you know, a musician first. If the opportunity came up for, you know, maybe a one-off gig to do something like that, I might do it, but I like to play bass, you know. I'll sing backgrounds, but a lead singer, you know, you've got to have that mentality and personality. I'd rather be the bass guy." We're glad to see someone so gung-ho about membership in the rhythm section.

Anthony also told MusicRadar that 'Chickenfoot III,' which vocalist Sammy Hagar said is so good that they skipped right over 'Chickenfoot II,' was marked by spontaneity, ease of writing and chemistry. "We were still writing and completing songs," he admitted. "A lot of things weren't fully worked out. But the spontaneity was there, and the chemistry between the four of us was so strong – why would we want to put a stop to that? It was like, 'OK, push the buttons and let's roll!'"

'Big Foot,' the first single from 'Chickenfoot III,' is due out on Aug. 2. You can read our exclusive interview with Michael Anthony on the disharmony in Van Halen, and the fun he's having in his new band, right here.

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