Chickenfoot have announced that their new single, 'Big Foot,' will be released on Aug. 2. The supergroup did so while unveiling another precious few seconds of the song via their second YouTube preview clip of the past week.

This clip starts with the same strutting, Zeppelin-inspired guitar riff featured on the first video, but continues to what we presume is the chorus, with Sammy Hagar singing "My big foot on the gas." At least, that's what we think he's saying. At first, actually, we thought it was "My big foot on your face," but that doesn't seem his style, does it?

From the looks of things, the album's still called 'Chickenfoot III,' not 'IV' as once reported, and remains scheduled for a Sept. 27 release. Considering the fact that it was made by an unnaturally happy team of superstars: Michael Anthony, Hagar, Joe Satriani and Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith, after they spent a considerable amount of time touring together in support of their first album, it should also be pretty damn good.

Watch the Preview Trailer for Chickenfoot's 'Big Foot'

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