Chickenfoot are giving fans a taste of their upcoming album, reportedly titled 'Chickenfoot III,' with a teaser clip of the disc's first single, 'Bigfoot.'

Apparently, Michael Anthony wasn't lying when he told us in our exclusive interview that the new Chickenfoot album is going to be heavy.

The 30-second snippet features features a Zeppelin-like riff from guitarist Joe Satriani with a matching bass line by Anthony. They are backed by a pounding drum track from Chad Smith, while we only hear a 'Hey, alright' from Sammy Hagar in the brief clip.

As far as teases are concerned, this 30-second clip of 'Bigfoot' is a good one. The music is heavy and the riff is catchy. In the YouTube clip that accompanies the audio, we see the words "Attention Foot Soldiers" followed by "Get Your Boots On." At the end of the video teaser, the new album's release date --  "September 27, 2011" -- is posted.

Check out the 'Bigfoot' clip and fill out the form below that to enter for a chance to win a signed copy of Chickenfoot's first album:

Watch the Chickenfoot Teaser Clip Featuring a Snippet of 'Bigfoot'