David Lee Roth

After launching his solo career with a 1985 EP that included covers from the Beach Boys and Louis Prima songbooks, former Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth assembled a band that would help him score hit records until the end of the decade. But Roth's star began to fade in the '90s as band members like guitarist Steve Vai left the fold. He started mixing things up, releasing an album in 1994 with producer Nile Rodgers called 'Your Filthy Little Mouth,' but by that time he was considering a reunion with Van Halen. But that ended in 1996 with only two new songs added to a greatest-hits package and more hard feelings among the perpetually feuding bandmates. Roth then wrote a book and trained as an Emergency Medical Technician. He continued to release solo albums, and in 2007, he started touring with Van Halen again. In 2012, the group returned with its first new album with Roth since the triumphant '1984.'

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