Sammy Hagar has stated that Chickenfoot's upcoming album is "the best record I've ever made," a pretty bold statement considering the Red Rocker's prolific and nearly 40-year recording career.

Hagar tells Rolling Stone he had some difficulties writing lyrics for the album: "I was being negative, and I fought with myself." He goes on to recount a bout with writer's block, saying, "The music Joe (Satriani) was presenting was so good, I honestly beat myself up for the first time ever. I didn't want to walk in with something mediocre." (Bandmate Michael Anthony recalled these same events in our recent interview.)

After a three-week struggle, though, Hagar broke through when giving advice to a 74-year old Mexican philanderer (you should read that part for yourself) led him to the lyrics for 'Different Devil,' which he calls "the biggest pop hit we would ever have if we wanted it."

Now, we know there's some Sammy detractors out there, but, c'mon, you gotta admit that if his claim about 'Chickenfoot III' is right, this record is going to be a mind-bender. The guy's made some pretty impressive albums, both on his own and with the mighty Van Halen. (we'll remind you once again of our Top 10 "Van Hagar" Songs list.)

Plus, let's not forget Hagar's vocals and songwriting on the first Montrose album, an ever-more influential platter that inspired a hell of a lot of future great albums, including those early David Lee Roth-fronted VH records. Ever notice that Eddie, Roth and company hired the same producer and engineer featured on 'Montrose' for their first album?

Watch Sammy Hagar Perform 'Bad Motor Scooter' with Montrose in 1974

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