It's not exactly an easy job sifting through all the great music that hits radio within a given 12 months and trying to come up with a Top 10 list. But it is a lot of fun! Our writers recently banded together to pick the best classic rock songs of 2012. Now we're asking you to vote for the best song of 2012.

While Van Halen's rock revival on 'Outta Space' was our top choice, it was a very close call with The Rolling Stones' scathing recent single 'Doom and Gloom' and Bruce Springsteen's powerful 'We Take Care of Our Own' also mounting a challenge for the No. 1 spot.

Other strong contenders included Aerosmith's classic-sounding favorite, 'Legendary Child,' Chickenfoot's mid-tempo standout 'Different Devil,' Heart's blistering single 'Fanatic,' Kiss' meaty rocker, 'Long Way Down,' Rush's sonically-pleasing epic, 'The Wreckers,' Joe Walsh's no-frills nod to his musical roots, 'Analog Man' and ZZ Top's gritty rocker 'I Gotsta Get Paid.'

In addition, a combination of reader feedback and a few of our own suggestions necessitated the additions of Motley Crue's attention grabbing 'Sex,' Neil Young's epically awesome 'Walk Like a Giant,' Lynyrd Skynyrd's guitar-riffic 'Last of a Dyin' Breed' and Journey's moody rock ballad 'Resonate.' You can check out most of the songs or read their reviews by clicking on the links for the song titles.

Now here's your chance to let us know if we got it right. Vote amongst these tracks to determine which was the song of the year for 2012. You have until 11:59PM ET on Jan. 15 and you can vote once per hour all the way until the deadline if you choose. The 2012 Song of the Year winner will be revealed Jan. 16.

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