Rock and Roll hall of famer, guitar legend, and all around funny guy Joe Walsh is back with his first new solo recordings in two decades!

The first single from the album is the title cut, 'Analog Man,' which finds the irrepressible Walsh contemplating life in the 21st century.

"I'm an analog man in a digital world / I'm gonna get me an analog girl" he proudly states in the song's extremely catchy and repeatable chorus.

"I decided to call it ‘Analog Man’ because my generation of musicians, we grew up analog. And now it’s a digital world, and we had to learn it, you know? Everything’s totally different" he told Ultimate Classic Rock in an interview late last year.

The album was produced by Move, Traveling Wilbury, and ELO pilot Jeff Lynne, so it does that have that certain, shall we say, "Lynne-e-ear" gloss to it. The no-frills drum beat, the driving acoustic guitar and the overall radio friendly sterility that feature on most of Lynne's recordings from Roy Orbison to Tom Petty and George Harrison are present.  Despite that, Walsh's raw guitar manages to cut through loud and proud.

The song is very catchy and is sure to please Walsh fans the world over. The album will be released June 5 on the Fantasy/Concord label and features Walsh's brother in law on drums...some guy named Ringo Starr, maybe you've heard of him?

Ironically, the album was not recorded in analog, but was done all digital. As to if it will be available on vinyl as well as CD, there is no word yet, but according to another lyric in the song, Walsh probably hopes it will find it's way to the wax platter format. "What's wrong with vinyl I think it sounds great / LP's, 45's, 78's, but that's just the way I am."


Listen to 'Analog Man' by Joe Walsh

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