Joe Walsh told Ultimate Classic Rock that he has completed work on his next studio album, which will be called 'Analog Man' and should be released sometime in the winter of 2012.

As he explains, "I know in the past, I've had screwy album titles, but I decided to call it 'Analog Man.' Because, you know, my generation of musicians, we grew up analog, and now it's a digital world. We had to learn it, you know? Everything's totally different. There's no record companies -- who knew that would happen? They were so powerful when I was young!"

Despite the album title, Walsh also revealed, "This is my first real experience doing my music digitally. In the old days, there was more of a tendency to set up the band, mic everything, record the whole band together and when you got a good take, that was it. You couldn't go in and make everything perfect. Nowadays, music is constructed. Musicians come in and play their part, and you put them on one at a time."

Fans can expect to hear a song or two, including the title track (sample lyrics: "I'm an analog man in a digital world / I'm gonna get me an analog girl / Who loves me for what I am") from 'Analog Man' when Walsh sets out on a solo tour beginning tomorrow, Oct. 11 in Austin, Texas.

That is, assuming rehearsals go well: "We're working it up now, it's kind of complex. I've never played it live, so I'm learning it right along with the band. Just cause you can write 'em doesn't mean you can play 'em!"

You can get complete tour dates and ticket information from Walsh's official website. We'll have lots more from our conversation with Walsh for you shortly, including how he's incorporated Texas musicians into his new band and plans for the Eagles' 40th anniversary in 2012.

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