On Rush's new single, 'The Wreckers,' Canada's finest strive for (and reach) lighter-waving stadium-rock glory.

On the whole, these prog-rock virtuosos (bassist/vocalist Geddy Lee, guitarist Alex Lifeson, and drummer/lyricist Neil Peart) aren't known for their sensitive touch. But, as evidenced by classic anthems like 'Closer to the Heart' and 'Limelight,' they're just as good at the introspective stuff as they are intricate flights of wizardry. It's hard to believe, but with 'The Wreckers' (arriving four decades into their storied career), they've crafted an epic capable of standing alongside those heavyweight tracks.

The trio's new album, 'Clockwork Angels,' features one of Peart's most effective conceptual narratives, but it's telling how well 'The Wreckers' works as a stand-alone lyric. "In the teeth of a hurricane / We struggle in vain," Lee sings over circling strings and Lifeson's Titanic strums. "A hellish night -- a ghostly light / Appears through the driving rain." These "wreckers" could be ancient looters aiming to pillage and plunder the fortunes of old sailors -- but in Peart's world, there are multiple layers to every metaphor.

"All I know is that sometimes you have to be wary," Lee warns on the song's ultra-catchy chorus, "of a miracle too good to be true." Heady stuff, indeed -- but also life-affirming.


Hear Rush Perform 'The Wreckers'

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