Back when people first started paying attention to Aerosmith in the mid ‘70s, they were called the American version of the Rolling Stones -- which really wasn’t fair to either group (even if Joe Perry and Steven Tyler’s working relationship resembled the Stones’ creative team). By the time they released their third album, 1975’s ‘Toys in the Attic,’ the Boston-bred band was rocking a style distilled from the same blues sources the Stones grabbed their inspiration from but with a decidedly ‘70s and American swagger. After following ‘Attic’ with the barnstorming ‘Rocks,’ Aerosmith fell into a decade-long haze of drugs, despair and lackluster records. But the original group cleaned up and reunited in the mid ‘80s and staged one of rock’s greatest comebacks. They released a string of Top 10 albums, including 1989’s multiplatinum-selling ‘Pump,’ which sealed their legendary status for generations to come.

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