Thank heaven, Aerosmith aren't trying to do anything but be themselves on their new song 'Legendary Child.'

Here's the best news: they do a pretty damn good job; the old shoes still fit very well.

We're not saying you could drop this song in the middle of 'Rocks' or 'Toys in the Attic' and not have anybody notice a difference, mind you. But the songcraft, attitude and spirit of 'Legendary Child' match up with the band's first golden era at least as well -- if not better -- as you could reasonably hope.

Opening with Hendrix feedback and the brief burst of a Beatles-inspired melodic guitar refrain, Aerosmith quickly jump right into the mud with a trademark down-and-dirty riff that serves as the song's backbone.

Steven Tyler slyly references past songs such as 'Toys in the Attic' and 'Walk This Way' as he recounts the band's history and makes it clear that all their success has done nothing to quell his hunger: "I went from never having enough / To wanting to have it all / I want to keep that dream alive / Eat that honey from the hive."

Labeling 'Legendary Child' a single seems odd after over two decades of radio-targeted, pop-influenced Aerosmith chart-toppers; this song seems much more like an excellent album track chosen at random to demonstrate that the band's much-hyped effort to return to their '70s form has indeed been successful.

Consider us sold. The song keeps in line with the simple structure theory espoused by bassist Tom Hamilton while describing Top 100 Classic Rock Song list-topper 'Sweet Emotion' recently, with the verse and "leg-en-daaaarrryy chiiilld" chorus sections bouncing off each other in ever-more pleasing ways as the song proceeds.

If 'Legendary Child' is a representative sampling of what we can expect from the band's new album, Aerosmith fans are in for a very pleasant year.


Listen to 'Legendary Child' by Aerosmith

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