It takes less that 45 seconds for a long-legged beauty to appear in the new music video for the ZZ Top single 'I Gotsa Get Paid.' The just-released clip reflects the song's rawness. It's not weighted down with impressive lights or complex set designs. The cracks in the desert floor drive the story like Billy Gibbons' guitar powers the blues song. 

Gibbons spends most of the video in the driver's seat of a dusty, antique car. It's there he sings most of the song, although there are a few gratuitous live concert shots to remind fans to keep their eyes on the music. That's not easy. Three more beaters race across the desert, and when they stop for water -- as well as some impromptu hip grinding -- Gibbons' ride races past the three gorgeous babes.

Annoyed, they get back in their cars and begin the chase. The song plays on with a few shots of Frank Beard and Dusty Hill spliced between the babes, until finally the girls run out of time. It's not clear why Gibbons ride vanishes in the desert heat, other than to give male fans another reason to see the women in all their leggy glory one more time.

'I Gotsa Get Paid' is the new single from ZZ Top's 'La Futura' album, which became available last month.

Watch ZZ Top's 'I Gotsa Get Paid' Video

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