Ozzy Osbourne returned to the scene of one of his more memorable escapades, apologizing to officials for urinating at the Alamo. The Black Sabbath frontman was in San Antonio yesterday to film a segment of a new History Channel program with his son Jack.

Osbourne arrived with a camera crew, production assistants and various security personnel, but apparently did not make a public statement. He already donated $10,000 to the Daughters of the Republic of Texas, the group that maintains and manages the Alamo, 10 years after the peeing incident in the early '80s. Osbourne had been previously banned from performing in San Antonio, but that was lifted after his donation.

Osbourne was arrested in 1982 wearing a women's clothes, since his wife Sharon Osbourne had taken pains to hide his own outfits in the hopes that would keep Ozzy close by during a night of binge drinking. Osbourne was charged with intoxication and public urination after relieving himself on a cenotaph at the Alamo, which holds historical significance in Texas' war of independence from Mexico.

"He was drunk; Ozzy was super drunk," concert promoter Greg Wilson told the San Antonio Express News. "You know, I don't think anyone would have even noticed what he was doing except that he was dressed in pink tights and ballerina shoes."

Roberto Trevino, a local councilman, set up yesterday's visit, which drew dozens of chanting fans; he also met with the singer before Osbourne headed to the Alamo. A premiere date for Osbourne's new History Channel show hasn't been announced yet. He has an Ozzfest date scheduled in November, and then a farewell tour with Black Sabbath set to begin in January.

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