The biggest news stories of 2013 were mostly about the people behind the music. The music figures into some of it -- like the successful comebacks staged by two of the '70s' greatest artists -- but the heartbreak of death, disease and drug addiction dominated our news feeds this past year. Some of these stories have happy endings; some of them don't. But almost every single one of them reminded us of the human elements behind the music we care so much about.

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    Black Sabbath Reunite

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    Rock Band Murder-Suicide

    In November, an obscure indie-rock band based in Brooklyn made up of Iranian musicians made news all over the country: Two of the Yellow Dogs' members, as well as a musician friend, were shot and killed by another musician (an acquaintance of the band), who then killed himself. As breaking news tends to do these days, misinformation about the tragedy spread quickly online, before the sad facts finally emerged.

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    The Rolling Stones' Summer Tour

    The Rolling Stones kicked off their 50 and Counting tour late last year, but they hit the U.S. in 2013, playing several dates with former guitarist Mick Taylor in tow. And at almost every stop, big guest stars joined them onstage, including John FogertyDave Grohl and Taylor Swift. They even recreated their famous Hyde Park show from 1969 in London and got a new live album out of it. And they're not done yet: There's a whole bunch of shows scheduled for 2014 on their schedule.

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    Steve Perry Reveals Cancer Battle

    In June, former Journey singer Steve Perry wrote on his website that he had just underwent two operations to treat skin cancer. But fortunately everything worked out OK: His doctors said that Perry wouldn't need any more operations to remove cancerous cells. Even though it's been 15 years since Perry has been a member of Journey, guitarist Neal Schon reached out to the singer in June, saying, "Let's talk soon."

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    Linda Ronstadt Discloses Parkinson's Struggle

    In late August, Linda Ronstadt revealed that she has Parkinson's disease and would be ending her long singing career. She said she was diagnosed last winter. Even though Ronstadt hasn't released an album in seven years, she remains one of the '70s' most beloved singers, scoring 20 Top 40 hits. Ronstadt also published a memoir, 'Simple Dreams,' in 2013, but it makes no mention of the disease since the book was completed before she was diagnosed.

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    Ozzy Osbourne Opens Up About Recent Relapse

    Right around the time Black Sabbath were staging their big 2013 comeback, Ozzy Osbourne aired some of his dirty laundry on Facebook, admitting that he relapsed into his booze-and-drug-consuming ways for a year and a half. Things got so bad that rumors began surfacing that he and wife Sharon were separating. That turned out be untrue, but she said she was thinking about it. And even though Ozzy remained sober throughout 2013, that didn't stop the Prince of Darkness from almost burning down his house while making a sandwich.

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    Lemmy's Health Woes

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    David Bowie Returns

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    Richie Sambora Leaves Bon Jovi Tour

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    Rockers We've Lost in 2013