The Doors

The Doors came out of Los Angeles’ rock scene in the mid ‘60s playing a mix of music that sounded unlike any of their peers’. Pulling together jazz, blues, garage, rock and pop, the band staked its ground with Ray Manzarek’s jazz-noir keyboard runs and the Beat-inspired poetry of singer Jim Morrison. They were an immediate hit, with the single ‘Light My Fire’ reaching No. 1 and their self-titled debut album making it to No. 2. Over the next four years they released five more albums, all of which hit the Top 10. During their brief career, they became one of rock’s most controversial groups, including a 1969 incident in which Morrison may have exposed himself to a concert audience. On July 3, 1971, Morrison died at the age of 27 from an alleged heroin overdose. The rest of the group continued for a few years before calling it quits.

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