Far be it from us to encourage one more rock star to try and lure fans into buying two copies of a new album, but David Bowie seems to have gone all out for 'The Next Day Extra,' the newly expanded reissue of his recent 'The Next Day' LP.

The 14-track album now serves as the basis for a three-disc box set, which adds a second CD and a DVD to the previously released material. The new disc includes five previously unreleased songs ('Atomica,' 'The Informer,' 'Like a Rocket Man,' 'Born in a UFO' and 'God Bless the Girl'), along with the bonus tracks from the 'deluxe edition' of 'The Next Day' ('Plan,' 'I'll Take You There' and 'So She'), as well as new remixes for 'Love Is Lost' and 'I'd Rather Be High.' On the DVD, fans can expect to find music videos for the album's first four singles: 'Where Are We Now?,' 'The Stars (Are Out Tonight),' 'The Next Day' and "Valentine's Day.'

Of course, Bowie being Bowie, 'The Next Day Extra' has been rendered incomplete even before its Nov. 5 release date, because he's also decided to release another new video. Quickly assembled over the course of a weekend using a couple of friends and some puppets, the new clip adds a visual component to the box's 'Love Is Lost' remix, helmed by former LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy and called the 'Hello Steve Reich Mix.' (For those who aren't fans of modern classical music, Reich is a highly regarded composer who makes heavy use of repetition in his work, as you can hear here.)

It all adds up to a flurry of activity for Bowie, who emerged from a decade of silence when he surprised fans by announcing 'The Next Day' mere weeks before it arrived in stores -- and thanks to the magic of the Internet, you don't even have to wait until 'The Next Day Extra' is in stores before sampling some of the goods. Check out 'The Informer,' 'Like a Rocket Man, 'Born in a UFO' and 'Atomica' below. And you can watch the new video for 'Love Is Lost (Hello Steve Reich Mix)' above.

David Bowie, 'The Informer'

David Bowie, 'Like a Rocket Man'

David Bowie, 'Born in a UFO'

David Bowie, 'Atomica'

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