Steve Perry

Steve Perry has only recorded sporadically without Journey, despite his role as a catalyst in the band's biggest chart and touring successes between 1978-1998. Still, Perry's rare solo efforts have spawned a series of memorable hits -- including the No. 3 'Oh Sherrie'; the Top 20 'Foolish Heart' and 'Don't Fight It,' with Kenny Loggins; and the Top 30 'You Better Wait.'

Lingering health issues eventually led to a split with the band, and Perry later dealt with a cancer scare. A lengthy period away from music making followed, even if interest in the enigmatic Perry never waned. Songs from an aborted follow up to 'Street Talk,' tentatively titled 'Against the Wall,' ended up on a late-'90s solo compilation.

  • Selected Discography: ‘Street Talk’ (1984), ‘For the Love of Strange Medicine’ (1994), ‘Greatest Hits + Five Unreleased’ (1998)
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