A 75-year-old Journey fan in Cleveland, Ohio was reportedly scammed out of $122,000 by an online imposter posing as Steve Perry.

According to WKYC, in January the woman responded to a Facebook message from someone claiming to be the band's former lead singer. According to Westlake police, "The fake Mr. Perry had a business opportunity and of course 'needed a woman in his life.'"

According to the police report, over the next several months the woman sent the Perry imposter $72,000 in wire transfers to "various persons in various different states, designated by 'Perry,' through her bank" as well as $50,000 in gift cards.

When the imposter began demanding pictures of her passports and driver's license, the woman realized she was being scammed and went to the Police. They are attempting to track down the criminal, and also advised the woman to report the scam to her bank and the FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center.

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