The saga of Motorhead frontman Lemmy's health continues. Earlier today (Aug. 2) the group had to end a concert after six songs because the singer was too sick to go on.

Motorhead ended their scheduled 75-minute set at the Wacken Open Air festival in Wacken, Germany after only 30 minutes.  According to Metal Talk (via Classic Rock), the band played their songs at a slower tempo than usual and that Lemmy looked pale. At one point he told the crowd, "I've been ill recently - I've come onstage to play some rock n' roll and f--- myself even more."

Blabbermouth adds that, after the fifth song, 'Over the Top,' Lemmy left the stage and guitarist Phil Campbell played a guitar solo. After a few minutes of "eerie silence,' he returned for one more, 'The Chase Is Better than the Catch' before the entire band walked off. Thomas Jensen, the festival's co-founder, informed the crowd that Motorhead would not return.

Metal Talk is also reporting that there are rumors of Lemmy collapsing behind the speakers and leaving in an ambulance, but also admits that they have not been confirmed.

Back in June, Lemmy suffered a hematoma, which occurs when blood collects outside of a blood vessel, such as within a muscle or tissue, and was forced to cancel its European tour but not, for some reason, the Wacken show. Shortly before the hematoma, Lemmy was reported to have been fitted for a defibrillator to correct some heart problems.

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