What do you get when you combine severed eyeballs, two stars from 'The Dark Knight Rises,' whiskey-swilling holy men and bloody stigmata? Duh -- it's the new David Bowie video.

The third clip from Bowie's latest album, 'The Next Day,' is for the title track and features appearances by Gary Oldman and Marion Cotillard, both of whom starred in 2012's 'The Dark Knight Rises.' It also features a ton of religious imagery, including a handmade crown, depraved cardinals and bloody palms. It all takes place in a seedy bar where Bowie and band perform 'The Next Day.'

Bowie -- who sports Christ-like robes in the performance -- came up with the idea for the video and recruited his old pal Oldman to play a priest. It's directed by Floria Sigismundi, who also worked on Bowie's previous video for 'The Stars (Are Out Tonight).'

At the end of the new video -- in which Cotillard's saintly character reveals stigmata on her hands -- Bowie breaks character, thanking his cast and crew before he disappears, like a true messiah, into thin air. It's a winking finale to a clip that's sure to spur some controversy thanks to its religious themes.

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