Sharon Osbourne isn't known for pulling any punches, and in her new memoir 'Unbreakable,' she offers readers an unflinching account of her reaction to Ozzy's recent relapse into drug and alcohol addiction.

Blabbermouth has posted a few small excerpts from that portion of the book, which reveals that Sharon discovered Ozzy's relapse on their 30th anniversary, when she read text messages on his phone requesting that a supplier bring him drugs without tipping off "the old girl." After she confronted him, Ozzy apparently left the country, at which point Sharon sold off his car collection, explaining that "There was no way I was going to risk him getting in one of them while he was drunk and hurting someone."

But that was just the beginning of an epic row that erupted during a contentious meeting in Los Angeles, during which Sharon "snapped" and demanded roughly $162,000 a month in spousal support due to Ozzy's "cocky and arrogant" behavior. She recalls him responding "Over my dead body," at which point Sharon hurled a cup of coffee at his head. "Then I grabbed him and pulled at his precious hair with one hand, while trying to yank off his jewelry with the other," she admitted. "He went for me, trying to grab me in a headlock."

But once the dust settled -- and Ozzy got sober again -- the Osbournes found their way back together. Describing their first meeting after he completed his rehab program, she wrote, "It seemed like forever since I'd looked into my husband's eyes, but now I was looking into sober eyes. The man I loved was present. I could tell he was relieved to be sitting next to me. I put my hand on his, took him in my arms and we cried."

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