Yesterday (June 13) in an interview with USA Today, father-son super duo Eddie and Wolfgang Van Halen weighed in about a handful of pressing issues in the Van Halen camp, from the recent postponement of 30 tour dates to the hint of something special in their 2013 plans, that they couldn’t really talk about in much detail.

In the wake of this tantalizing hint, rumors abound that the “something special” in question might just be a date in New Orleans in early February to perform at the halftime show of the next Super Bowl.

Given some of the past Super Bowl lackluster performances, one would think Van Halen would be a welcome treat, right? In reading through the comments left on the NBC Sports Pro Football Talk column that mentioned the possibility, fans (of the sports variety at least) seem to have mixed reviews.

The comments range from, “That would be the best performance the Super Bowl’s had in a long time. No joke” to “Foo Fighters? Muse? Linkin Park? The Black Keys? I mean, Van Halen was awesome…in their prime. Why does the NFL have an aversion to modern rock acts?” While some people would seemingly prefer to see a newer band hit the stage, many other fans seem to welcome the idea of the iconic rockers providing half time entertainment.

Before last year’s big game Van Halen came in second only to John Mellencamp on our list of the Five Bands That Should Be Performing at Super Bowl 46 Instead of Madonna, and then when we turned the same question over to our readers the group was beaten only by AC/DC. (Amazingly, One Direction weren't mentioned at all!)

With performances from Paul McCartney, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, and Bruce Springsteen already earning spots on our list of the Top Five Super Bowl Halftime Show Performances, it seems that Van Halen would make a perfect addition to the list, don't you think?

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