Two titans of popular culture are colliding. That'd be Kiss and Hello Kitty. The Hello Kitty Kiss Style Guide has been released and it features the approved images that the licensees can use to make Hello Kitty-themed Kiss items.

Before you go hemming and hawing about the band's penchant for merchandising and branding reaching "jump the shark" status and effectively becoming overkill, take a peek at the designs. You have to admit they are cute, cool and kitschy, and certainly applicable for the female in your life who happens to like Kiss. Kiss are certainly reaching a new market by partnering with Sanrio and Hello Kitty. With her mysterious stare, there is more to Hello Kitty than meets the eye. Now she's becoming a total rock star.

Gene Simmons tweeted about the collaboration, posting: "Nov 22nd- Hello Kitty-KISS exploding worldwide. 90 Country roll out. Wow!!!"

So 90 lucky countries will be make effective use of the collision of Kiss and Kitty. Will there be coffee mugs? Figurines? Toasters? Notepads? Lollipops? Lip glosses? Sanrio and Hello Kitty focus on cute, girly items such as the ones we just mentioned, so ladies who are Kiss fans are likely to take advantage of the items produced due to this partnership.

The images of Hello Kitty as the Star Child and the Demon look utterly amazing. One might think that anything to do with Peter Criss' Catman would be the most popular of the item, since they are both felines.

Kissopolis also posted a photo of the usable images.

These items will scratch and claw their way into retail outlets in the latter half of 2012. Let's hope the images inspire licensees to come up with some amazing products.

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