AC/DC's Cliff Williams and Angus Young took part in a freewheeling Reddit AMA session this weekend, and we've compiled a list of the 10 best -- and sometimes oddest -- things we learned from their answers.

The duo succeeded at getting us even more excited for the band's upcoming record, 'Rock or Bust,' with Young declaring it a "hard-hitting, tough AC/DC album" -- which he says can even help chase horrible neighbors off the block. They also didn't shy away from questions about recently arrested bandmate Phil Rudd, with Williams saying the drummer "has to get himself well," and noting "that may take some time."

But the most fun parts came when Young and Williams tackled more random and bizarre questions from their fans across the world. What's their favorite sandwich? Will we ever see them at the Super Bowl? Are they part of the video-game craze that's taken over the world in recent decades? Most importantly, exactly what is so special about American thighs? Here's the answer to those and many other great questions.

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    Yes, Angus' amp really DID catch fire while recording 'Let There Be Rock' - and it just happened again!

    Young not only confirmed the fabled story that his guitar amplifier caught on fire while he was in the studio recording the solo for 1977's 'Let There Be Rock,' he also revealed that it happened again when they were making 'Rock or Bust': "Yes, it was on fire and I had to keep playing until the end, because my brother was in the control room, and yelling out 'KEEP GOING!' -- so I had to keep going until the thing kind of went into meltdown. And on this album, 'Rock or Bust,' we had the same thing ... my amp just went on fire. And I didn't even know! I thought it was a cigarette going. But Brendan was shouting out, 'Ang, you're on fire!'"

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    It's possible you killed Cliff Williams - in 'Call of Duty'

    When asked if anyone in the band was into video games, Williams responded that he was a big fan of 'Call of Duty' -- but confessed, "I'm rotten at it, cuz I'm slow.' As for Young? "The only game I can remember was 'Donkey Kong.' Yes, it's like ancient -- now it'd be like, pre-dinosaur age, yeah."
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    They don't need security to take on rowdy fans

    Although the video below suggests that maybe Young didn't have the best view of the situation, the guitarist offered his memories of a 2000 show in Arizona, where he went face-to-face with a beer-throwing "fan," and denied that he needed security around to feel safe. "No, I plucked his nose, there was no security holding him!"

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    Don't look for AC/DC at the Super Bowl

    If you were hoping AC/DC would follow in the footsteps of Bruce Springsteen and Paul McCartney, and someday spare us from another Super Bowl halftime show filled with pop stars, Young has some cold Gatorade to dump on your dreams. It seems he doesn't fancy the idea very much: "You mean like AC/DC versus the Pennsylvania Raiders of the Lost Ark? But that's when people get their chili-cheese dogs! There'd be nobody there!"

    Jamie Squire / Donald Miralle / Brian Bahr, Getty Images
    Jamie Squire / Donald Miralle / Brian Bahr, Getty Images
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    Remember when chocolate milk was invented? Angus does!

    Most rock stars brag about their whiskey or beer consumption, but Young copped to having a much healthier addiction in his early days: "Well, I did used to drink a lot of milk, yes. And I don't know why, really, at the time. My body just seemed to say I had to drink that milk. And I used to have gallons of the stuff." He also claims to be old enough to have become a fan of chocolate milk "when it was first invented," and says that "the only one that had a problem with it was my dentist."

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    Exactly what's different about American thighs?

    Our favorite question from this entire session came when Young and Williams were asked what's so special about thighs in America. After first confirming that "we weren't writing about Kentucky Fried drumstick legs," Young could only offer the relatively unscientific "well, they just have a look about them." However, the duo also used the question to send a shout-out to the "hot short shorts" that used to be worn by Southwest Airlines stewardesses. "Very impressive to a rock 'n' roll band at the time," Young noted.

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    There will be an AC/DC movie when Hollywood can clone five Brad Pitts

    When a fan asked Young and Williams if they'd be OK with their life story being made into a movie, their thoughts immediately turned to who should play them. It seems we're going to need either a serious advance in cloning technology or a lot of expensive CGI to make Young's casting dreams come true: "You'd want it to be accurate, right? I'd be pretty handsome. Pretty handsome people. You'd need five good-looking Brad Pitts ... Brad Pitt 1, 2 and so on ... "

    Columbia / Tim P. Whitby, Getty Images
    Columbia / Tim P. Whitby, Getty Images
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    The band debunked the biggest AC/DC conspiracy theory around

    One of the most impressive things about AC/DC's "ask us anything" session was their willingness to tackle controversial subjects -- including the rumor that the band used Bon Scott's notebook for lyrical inspiration after the singer had passed away. Young made it pretty clear there's no truth to any of those stories: "Anything he left went back to his family. Any notes he had ever left, or messages. Anything that was there that was his all went to his family."

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    What's Angus' favorite sandwich? A burger and fries - hold the burger!

    We already learned about Young's favorite drink, so what's the band's favorite sandwich? Williams sticks with a simple ham and cheese, but Young introduces us to something new: "A chip butty sandwich. A french-fries-and-butter sandwich. It's got rock 'n' roll written all over it. If you said to me, 'Would you rather have a chip butty or dine with the President?' I'd say the chip butty, and he'd probably follow suit."

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    Angus can teach anyone - ANYONE - to dance

    Young has fond memories of working with bodybuilder / actor / former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger on the video for 1993's 'Big Gun.' "The director told him he had to emulate [me]," Young explained. "It was kind of funny watching this very big guy in a school uniform like myself. I had to teach him my dance routine, a bit like Chuck Berry's duck walk, but it was kind of funny because ... he could pick me up with one hand. Obviously he ate his greens when he was young."

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