Nobody has done more with a handful of basic blues chords and winking sexual innuendo than AC/DC over the past 40 years. From their scrappy beginnings in Sydney to their mega-platinum world domination a decade later, not much has changed musically from 1975’s ‘High Voltage’ to 2008’s ‘Black Ice,’ thanks to guitarist Angus Young’s tough but straightforward songs. But the band staged one of the most remarkable second acts in rock history after its original singer, Bon Scott, died after a heavy night of drinking in 1980. Not wasting any time, they recruited a new singer, Brian Johnson, and recorded one of rock’s all-time greatest albums, ‘Back in Black,’ within months of Scott’s passing. Since then, AC/DC have released a series of bestselling albums that rest firmly on top of rock’s most basic guitar chords and life’s most primal instincts.

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