Don't go into the upcoming Bon Scott film expecting a point-by-point retelling of the late AC/DC frontman's life. Instead, The Kid From Harvest Road is being described as a "fictionalized narrative."

The producers wanted to "capture the essence of Bon Scott's early life in Fremantle [Australia] in a fictionalized narrative set in the 1960s," Halo Films said in an official statement. "By drawing inspiration from the stories and atmosphere of the time period, rather than attempting a biopic, the film can offer a more imaginative exploration of Scott's character and experiences."

Stephen Belowsky is writing the movie. Lee Tiger Halley was confirmed for the lead role earlier this month. He's previously starred in Netflix's Boy Swallows World and a number of TV series in his native Australia. Belowsky and Halley are also from Fremantle.

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"The producers behind The Kid From Harvest Road are incredibly humbled and grateful for the overwhelming media attention the recent announcement of the film’s development has garnered," the Halo statement continued. "The enthusiasm and support from audiences and media outlets alike reaffirm the belief in the power of storytelling."

Bon Scott Led AC/DC to New Heights

Scott took over for early frontman Dave Evans in 1974, then led AC/DC to unprecedented heights. Seven albums followed, including their 1979 American breakthrough Highway to Hell, before Scott suddenly died on Feb. 19, 1980, at age 33. AC/DC quickly moved forward, hiring Brian Johnson. The multi-platinum follow-up Back in Black arrived just five months after Scott died.

The Kid From Harvest Road will help fill in the period before these historic events took place. The movie is still in the early production stage, with filming is set to begin in 2025.

"Focusing on his formative years in Fremantle allows for a deeper dive into the influences and events that shaped him as a person and ultimately as the iconic frontman of AC/DC," Halo's statement added. "It also provides an opportunity to explore the cultural landscape of the time, including the burgeoning music scene and social dynamics of the era."

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