Selling out is always more fun when you can do it in style, and in this category of the 5th Annual Ultimate Classic Rock Awards, we're making room to honor some of this year's smartest, funniest, and all-around most memorable commercials featuring our favorite artists.

No matter how much you might love skipping through ads while you're watching TV or surfing the web, this year's crop of rocker-assisted commercials includes more than its share of clever moments. From a bemused Bob Dylan conversing with a computer to Billy Idol chucking his headphones in a Bank of America-induced fit of rage and a Phil Collins classic being used to goof on one of the NBA's most emotional rivalries, these clips find the songs we know by heart, and the artists who made them, being used to sell stuff in a variety of creative ways. Classic rock was heard across the commercial spectrum this year, too — whether it's mattresses or tires, hamburgers or insurance, it makes an effective soundtrack for any number of products, and these clips prove it.

Below you'll find our 15 nominees, which you can watch (or re-watch) right here in order to make an informed decision before casting your vote for Commercial of the Year. And if you just can't decide, don't worry — keep coming back and showing your support for each of your favorite ad spots. You can vote once an hour between now and Jan. 4, 2016, when the polls close at 11:59PM ET. May the best commercial win!

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