Most commercials want to make you feel like you're cooler than the next guy for owning their product. For the ad campaign for their new Colorado truck, Chevrolet is turning to AC/DC to help make that happen.

In the spot, which you can watch above, an average working schlub strolls into an office building after exiting his economy car, sighing to himself while taking the elevator up to work and listening to a Muzak version of the Carpenters' 'Rainy Days and Mondays.' All in all, this guy's life is probably pretty OK -- but he isn't the confident, stubble-coated master of destiny that we see a few moments later.

This guy is on his way out of the building -- maybe he's just told the boss what he can do with his TPS reports, and he's leaving to found his own wi-fi-enabled beard trimmer startup company? -- and instead of the Carpenters, he attracts an appreciative stare from one of the ladies waiting for the elevator before he strolls out to his Chevy Colorado, starts it up and cruises the city streets to the strains of 'Back in Black.'

Will it make you want to buy a truck? Somehow we doubt it. But AC/DC is always cool, and we have no problem with a company putting a few more bucks in the band's next round of royalty payments. Chevrolet, we salute you.

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