DeAndre Jordan's last-minute re-signing with the Los Angeles Clippers after making a verbal commitment to the Dallas Mavericks was the most entertainingly bizarre story of this year's NBA offseason, and now it finally has a proper soundtrack.

The odd saga of the tug-of-war for Jordan's services between the Clippers and the Mavericks culminated in a flurry of bemused sports reporting describing Clippers players barricading the door at Jordan's house while Mavericks owner Mark Cuban allegedly contacted Jordan's family members in a futile attempt to get him on the phone. Tonight, ESPN broadcasts the Clippers' first visit to Dallas since the ordeal, and the network is ramping up anticipation for the game with what might be the best promo ever aired for an NBA game.

The commercial, which you can watch above, interweaves clips of Jordan with footage of an upset-looking Cuban, all set to Phil Collins' Grammy-winning 1984 hit "Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now)." For those of us who remember that the song originally served as the soundtrack for a neo-noir love triangle starring Jeff Bridges, Rachel Ward and James Woods, ESPN's sense of musical humor is particularly sharp — but even if you've never seen Against All Odds the movie, the anguished melodrama of the chorus should still provoke a guffaw or two.

Whoever wins the Clippers-Mavs match-up, Collins is definitely enjoying a moment. The commercial is just one small part of his recent resurgence, which includes a reissue campaign for his solo albums and plans to re-emerge with new music after years spent in retirement.

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