For some, getting a good night's sleep is akin to a sports team winning a championship. Or at least that's the claim Simmons makes in a new commercial for its Recharge mattress, which uses ELO's hit "Do Ya" to make its point.

In the clip, which you can watch above, a woman wakes up declaring that her Beautyrest mattress was responsible for "the best night's sleep." So she decides to celebrate. As the song's opening power chords are heard, she pops open an oversized bottle of champagne and sprays it on her husband, who's still asleep.

She then takes the bottle everywhere she goes, continuing to douse people and infuriating her neighbor, folks at the bus stop, co-workers, a woman in a sauna, a waiter and the audience at an opera. The bottle is still overflowing when she wishes her sleeping husband a good night and turns out the light. "Look out world. I just got my Beautyrest" show up onscreen as we learn just what makes Simmons' Recharge line of mattresses so different from others.

Written by Jeff Lynne, "Do Ya" was originally recorded in 1972 by his previous band, the Move. It was the closest the group got to a pop hit, reaching No. 93 on the Billboard Hot 100. Todd Rundgren's Utopia covered it three years later on Another Live. When Lynne's next project, ELO, recorded it for 1976's A New World Record, it peaked at No. 24. The album, which was certified platinum, also included the smash hits "Livin' Thing" and "Telephone Line."

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