Ghost have released a video for a new song called "Kiss the Go-Goat,” which seems set to appear on an upcoming vinyl single.

The clip opens with Papa Emeritus Zero, who’d been replaced by Cardinal Copia in the band storyline, demanding to know why he can’t have another shot at leading the band. He’s told to remember what happened in the past, before the scene changes to what’s presented as an archive performance.

You can watch the video below.

After the song, Emeritus holds up a single titled “7 Inches of Satanic Panic” and asks about “a re-release for the 50th anniversary” before concluding, “I’m really pushing it, aren’t I?”

Fans have been speculating that “Kiss the Go-Goat” is one song on that single; the other is believed to be “Mary on the Cross.” They'll most likely be part of a deluxe edition of last year’s album Prequelle. So far, Ghost have said the set will include a bonus vinyl single, without detailing its contents.

Last year, band leader Tobias Forge explained why he developed the Cardinal Copia character instead of continuing with Papa Emeritus. “I’ve always tried to make things hard for myself," he told Metal Hammer. "Instead of just doing big, blunt commercial statements, I’m trying to do things in a more cinematic way. If we just continued with Papa to Papa to Papa to Papa, that would grow very boring. That is a one-dimensional way of looking at this band. If I had just done that, Ghost would have gone on auto-pilot, and it would have grown stale very quickly.”



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