After plenty of buildup, Ghost have finally unveiled their "new" frontman, Cardinal Copia — although perhaps not with the appearance he'll ultimately take after assuming the role.

As previously reported, bandleader Tobias Forge was recently forced to reveal his actual identity after legal action brought an end to years of secrecy. Embracing the new status quo, Forge insisted that Ghost's future would be "even more theatrical and even more dressed up," and he's lived up to that promise by crafting an increasingly layered mythology around the band's lineup.

Cardinal Copia takes over for the last Ghost leader, Papa Emeritus Zero, who assumed the role at the conclusion of the band's most recent tour. Zero learned he was on the way out in a recent video during which he was told the group needed "a new leader with youth, stamina and sexual charisma … someone more like you, but in your prime." Needless to say, he didn't rush to embrace the news.

In fact, as seen in a new video that you can watch below, Zero tried to stave off retirement by arguing that Copia wasn't truly fit for the gig — if for no other reason than that it would break the chain of succession established by a mind-numbingly long line of Papas. He eventually accepts his fate, leaving Copia to complete his ascension, at which point Zero learns he — and the other Papas — have a new mission. Fans will presumably get more details prior to the arrival of the band's upcoming fourth album, which is expected to arrive in the spring or summer of this year.

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