“Pop Metal” has generally been a pejorative term, not regularly used since the heyday of ‘80s hair metal. But in 2010 it was given a fresh new spin and a new measure of respect by Sweden’s Ghost (aka Ghost B.C.).

With its unnatural fusion of Blue Oyster Cult, Mercyful Fate and the Beach Boys, the Swedish sextet’s debut, 2010’s Opus Eponymous, was a revelation, whether you loved or hated it.

One certainly couldn’t ignore it, especially when the band members’ closely guarded identities and concealing costumes came to light, piquing the curiosity of fans as they sought to make sense of the band’s head-scratching conceptual and musical contradictions, once they started covering songs by ABBA and the Beatles.

Ghost also became a popular live attraction around the world (not averse to pulling off the occasional publicity stunt on network television or onstage), and subsequent albums, Infestissuman and Meliora, have only fueled interest in the group.

Even though Ghosts' discography is still brief, check out our list of Ghost Albums Ranked Worst to Best above to explore this band’s rich, and growing, history.

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