Stevie Nicks has inspired millions of fans with her music over the years, but the singer says she draws inspiration from other artists. Among those acts are Buffalo Springfield, Crosby, Stills & Nash and Joni Mitchell.

She cites Buffalo Springfield's 'Rock & Roll Woman' as a major influence in her early career. "When I heard the lyrics, I thought: that's me! They probably wrote it about Janis Joplin or someone like that but I was convinced it was about me," recalls Nicks in an article in England's The Observer.

She goes on to say that Crosby, Stills & Nash's self-titled 1969 album helped her with her early vocal training. "I spent a whole summer singing along to this record," she explains. "I loved the harmonies, and learned to sing all three of the parts. I knew that I wanted to be in a band with the same kind of harmonies."

For inspiration before she performs, Nicks pops in Joni Mitchell's 'Blonde in the Bleachers.' "I never saw myself as the girl in the song -- I identified with the rock 'n' roll star. I was never gonna be the groupie. I was the star, I was sure of that. I listen to that song to this day. It's on the playlist I have for when I'm preparing to go on stage."

Nicks recently unveiled dates for a late summer North American tour that kicks off Aug. 9 in Denver. To view the trek's full itinerary, click here.

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