Hurricane Odile, the Category 3-level storm responsible for major damage in the Mexican peninsula in recent days, has forced the cancellation of Sammy Hagar's 25th annual Birthday Bash in Cabo San Lucas.

Hagar, who earlier shared a photo of the storm's effects on his Cabo home, broke the news via Facebook, offering refunds to ticket holders while explaining that the wreckage left in the hurricane's trail made it impossible to continue as scheduled.

"This year marks our 25th anniversary, so nothing short of a massive hurricane could have kept me from Cabo," he wrote in a statement. "But after seeing the damage that Odile’s caused to Los Cabos’ airport, resorts and town, it’s with an incredibly heavy heart that we’ve come to that decision. Our prayers and best wishes are with our Cabo Wabo family and everyone that’s been affected by this storm. Los Cabos will recover better and stronger than before because of its incredibly strong community."

As Hagar pointed out when he posted a post-Odile photo of his home, he escaped the storm relatively unscathed -- his local business, the Cabo Wabo Cantina, sustained "a little water damage," and while his house needs new windows, that's a small price to pay compared to the devastating losses suffered by some of the area's less fortunate residents.

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