Drummers working to develop their Neil Peart mojo will be happy to hear that there’s a new instructional DVD from the famed Rush drummer due for release on Oct. 14.

The DVD will be called 'Taking Center Stage: A Lifetime Of Live Performance.' and the cover art features Peart throwing a drum stick up in the air. (Presumably, because he's a drum god, he caught it after the picture was taken.)

RushIsABand shares additional details, including some commentary from Peart, who details the process behind the new release and he says that the DVD will feature footage from his rehearsal for the ‘Time Machine’ tour as well as video captured during a complete filmed Rush show in Saratoga Springs, New York, which featured the use of “supplementary drum-cams."

The tour footage is rounded out with soundcheck and pre-show warmup clips that have specific on-camera commentary from Peart.

The product description for ‘Taking Center Stage’ notes that Peart guides the viewer through each song on the setlist for the current tour, analyzing and demonstrating his playing techniques for each song. A detailed .PDF eBook corresponds with all of the instructional content, containing complete transcription for his parts of each song. At the end of each song section, the drum-cam video shows Peart-specific performance footage of the song.

Peart got some nice TV time earlier this year as part of 'Drum Solo Week,' performing his typically monolithic drum showcase which he somehow managed to compress into a TV-friendly five minute segment.

Watch Drum-Cam Footage Of Neil Peart Performing 'Subdivisions' With Rush