Kiss have revealed the track list for their upcoming album 'Monster.' Surprise! It's a poetry-based concept album documenting the changing of the seasons through the eyes of an innocent young child.

OK, judging from the song titles... not really. It looks like we're in for another blast of sex-charged songs about taking chances, conquering long odds to live life as you want, and of course, worshipping the glory of rock.

The group released the album's cover art Monday after presenting it in bits and pieces through an online scavenger hunt. Now that the album is available for pre-order through iTunes, the track listing has been confirmed, featuring the lead-off single 'Hell or Hallelujah.' Other titles for the album, which the band have said is a throwback to the classic Kiss sound, include 'Back to the Stone Age,' 'Eat Your Heart Out' and 'All for the Love of Rock & Roll.' The band members wrote all of the material themselves without relying on outside contributions.

'Monster' is due in stores on Oct. 16, but Kiss fans have plenty to keep them happy between now and then. The group are currently on tour with Motley Crue through Sept. 23. The band will also release an expanded version of their classic album 'Destroyer' on Aug. 21.

Kiss 'Monster' Track List:

1. 'Hell or Hallelujah'
2. 'Wall of Sound'
3. 'Freak'
4. 'Back to the Stone Age'
5. 'Shout Mercy'
6. 'Long Way Down'
7. 'Eat Your Heart Out'
8. 'The Devil Is Me'
9. 'Outta This World'
10. 'All for the Love of Rock & Roll'
11. 'Take Me Down Below'
12. 'Last Chance'
13. 'Right Here Right Now'

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