For reasons that seem mostly to involve his own personal amusement, Bob Dylan signed whatever waivers were required for him to appear on the History Channel's 'Pawn Stars' show after being approached on the street for an autograph by a profit-seeking member of the show.

Earlier in the episode, Rick Harrison, one of the co-owners of the pawn shop featured on the popular series, paid $50 for a less-than-mint vinyl copy of Dylan's 1970 double album 'Self Portrait.' Fifty bucks is a pretty high price, since you can buy the album in great shape for much less on eBay, but hey, the guy must know what he's doing.

The job of increasing the record's resale value then fell to the store's perpetual whipping boy, Austin "Chumlee" Russell, who diligently wandered the streets of Las Vegas looking for Dylan, who was in town for a concert. Surprisingly, he did indeed find the legendary singer, who good-naturedly signed the cover after a couple of attempts to dodge the young man's rather transparent, financially-motivated request.

Problem is, Dylan scrawled Chumlee's name onto the record, as was requested of him by his accoster, instead of simply signing his own name. So, rather than increasing the album's value, Chumlee's actions made its worth to anyone else pretty much nil.

Later, back at the office, a bemused, slightly frustrated Rick instructed the young man to keep the record, partially as a memento of his meeting with rock royalty, but also as a reminder to try and think more clearly next time.

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