Have you ever wanted to appear in an AC/DC video? Here's your chance.

The band has announced plans to film a video for a single from its upcoming 'Rock or Bust' album in London on Oct. 4, and it's offering fans an opportunity to take part in the festivities. Now, it bears mentioning that they don't appear to be offering to foot the bill for your travel expenses, so don't go entering unless you're going to be in London between noon and midnight on that day -- or willing to fly there on your own dime -- but if you can make it work logistically, this is a pretty cool opportunity.

To ensure your chance of winning, visit this link, hit the "I WANT TO BE IN THE VIDEO!" button, and wait to hear back -- winners will be notified no later than Oct. 2.

In other AC/DC news, a distinctive Melbourne street sign honoring the band will be restored on Oct. 1, following a protracted kerfuffle between city government and the street artist who installed it in the dead of night in a cheeky fit of fan pique. The public ceremony, which will include free beer between 6PM and 3AM, celebrates the 10th anniversary of Melbourne's AC/DC Lane, and adds a sweet postscript to a battle that started when street signs went up without a slash between the halves of the band's name.

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