The name of 'Blood and Fire,' a newly-previewed song from Van Halen's 'A Different Kind of Truth' album, probably won't ring familiar to longtime fans of the band. But Alex Van Halen's beat and Eddie Van Halen's noodling on the track may take some knowledgeable fans back to the mid-'80s. That's because the new song -- previewed in the video below -- is based on an instrumental called 'Ripley' from 'The Wild Life' movie.

Rolling Stone first revealed the 90 second clip of he song, but we can thank an old article on the Van Halen News Desk for explaining the origins of the track. 'The Wild Life' was released on VHS in 1984 and starred Chris Penn. Eddie Van Halen wrote the score for the movie, but only one song ('Donut City') was included on the official soundtrack. Others, including 'Ripley,' are heard throughout the Cameron Crowe directed flick.

This is the third song confirmed to be a reincarnation of a previous effort from the David Lee Roth led quartet. Their first single, 'Tattoo' was based off of the 1977 unreleased track 'Down in Flames,' and 'She's the Woman' (a song heard at the Jan. 5 show in New York City) was originally recorded in 1976.

'A Different Kind of Truth' hits stores on Feb. 7. The band begins their American tour on Feb. 18. Click here to enter an Ultimate Classic Rock contest to win two tickets a show of your choice.

Listen to a Preview of 'Blood and Fire'
Listen to 'Ripley'

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