Tool debuted two new songs presumably from their long-awaited fifth album during a the opening stop of their latest U.S. tour in Jacksonville, Fla., over the weekend.

The full version of “Descending,” which had previously been released as an instrumental track, was accompanied by “Invincible,” which had never been heard in any form before.

You can watch the performances below.

Frontman Maynard James Keenan had teased the possibility of new songs making an appearance on their latest tour, which continues until May 19.

He tweeted a picture of the band with speech bubbles added, in which he said, “Feelin cute. Might play some new material on this upcoming tour. idk.”

The other band members voiced their agreement in their own speech bubbles.

Current speculation suggests that the follow-up to 2006’s 10,000 Days will be released in the coming months, though dates up until July have also been rumored. In June 2018, Keenan said he’d “go on record now saying you’re gonna see some new music next year.”

Drummer Danny Carey said in January 2019 that the plan was to set a release for April.

Previously, Keenan had expressed frustration at the pace of development, blaming his colleagues’ very specific approach to constructing music.

“Started getting music files from the boys with the word "final" in the title a few months ago after 11 years of begging,” he said in February 2018. “That, in theory, means the tracks won’t change out from under me while I’m trying to write stories and melodies to them. In theory.”


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