Tool kicked off their winter tour with Elder in continued support of 2019's Fear Inoculum with an 11-song show Wednesday night at Baltimore's CFG Bank Arena. One fan in attendance at the band's first 2024 show even managed to break the rules and record part of "Pneuma" before getting caught.

The run comes to a close on Feb. 18 and even features back-to-back nights at the legendary New York venue Madison Square Garden (tonight and tomorrow night — Jan. 11 and 12).

There wasn't a lot of variation from last year's setlists as Tool still place a heavy emphasis on new material, performing six Fear Inocolum tracks. All of the other studio albums were represented in a smaller capacity, with two culled from 10,000 Days and one apiece off AenimaLateralus and Undertow.

Certainly to the delight of Tool fans, "Rosetta Stoned" remained in the set. After only playing the 10,000 Days favorite four times since 2009, the fan-favorite became a fixture of last year's set and was performed 28 times.

See the complete setlist further down the page and see all of the upcoming U.S. tour dates here.

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It also appears Tool's policy against usage of cell phones during their shows is still in effect as one person in attendance notes in a video clip of "Pneuma" that was uploaded to YouTube.

This fan says the video was taken "before the camera spotter made me put my phone away."

Watch the clip directly below.

Tool, "Pneuma" Live - Partial (Jan. 10, 2024)

Tool Setlist — Jan. 10, 2024 (Baltimore, Maryland)


01. "Fear Inoculum"
02. "Jambi"
03. "Rosetta Stoned" (Lost Keys intro)
04. "Pneuma"
05. "Intolerance"
06. "Descending"
07. "The Grudge"


08. "Chocolate Chip Trip"
09. "Culling Voices"
10. "Invincible"
11. "Stinkfist"

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