Fleetwood Mac are partway through their next (and possibly final) studio album — which could end up being a double LP by the time recording wraps — but singer Stevie Nicks wants to get through the group's current tour before she gives the new record any serious thought.

"Honestly, I just don’t know about it. This tour has been so hard and so breathtakingly overwhelming," Nicks told the Daily Mirror. "I have to look great, I have to feel great, I have to sound great. And I cannot be thinking about future albums or poetry or songs right now."

Drummer Mick Fleetwood is eager to resume recording, and tells the paper that the band has "a s---load of new songs," but he understands the growing discomfort of touring for bands of their vintage.

"I’m like an old racehorse," he said, rubbing his shoulders. "It’s not like I’m ancient ancient, but these things are sort of worn out a bit. I’ve got a deep-freeze in my room in order to do what I’m doing... you take care of yourself. I’m not letting up any – I’m playing harder than I ever played, apparently."

The band's list of war wounds includes Christine McVie's tendonitis, a bone spur for Nicks and bassist John McVie's recent cancer battle — none of which have put a dent in demand for tickets. And while she isn't ruling out completing the new record fans are waiting for, it's obvious that the next round of dates is Nicks' primary focus.

“Now we have Europe to conquer. It’s really important that we are spectacular," she pointed out. "That’s all that I can worry about right now."

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