Before embarking on their current tour, Fleetwood Mac began work on their next album. In a recent interview, Lindsey Buckingham suggested that it could become a part of a final hurrah for the group.

“If you want to think of this [tour] as the beginning of the last act,” he told PBS’ Tavis Smiley. "That’s how it feels.”

Buckingham appears to be taking that approach with their upcoming release, which has only had some work done by Buckingham to flesh out some demos by keyboardist Christine McVie, who is back in the group after 15 years on the sidelines.

“She gave me a bunch of stuff to take home after we saw her in England when we played there,” he said towards the end of the interview. “And I worked on it at home, took lots of liberties, came back. She loved it. We went in the studio for two months and came up with probably the best group of songs that were co-written that we’ve done in years. So we are going to continue working on a new album and the solo stuff will probably take a back seat for another year or so.”

He then noted that it would be a “beautiful way to kind of wrap up this last act."

Of course, Fleetwood Mac’s entire history has been filled with stops and starts, so who knows if this really is the beginning of the end?

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