Skid Row's bassist and new vocalist are firing back at fans who take to Facebook to complain about the group -- telling the naysayers to stay away.

"To all the haters, trolls and keyboard-banging dipsh–s, if you don't like me or Skid Row, stay off the f–ing page," bassist Rachel Bolan writes on Facebook. "I'm sure there's something more constructive you can do with your time, like Pornhub or something. There you can satisfy yourself without being face to face with someone. That's what you do best, right?"

Tony Harnell took over as Skid Row's frontman in April, after a stint in the Norwegian metal band TNT. Johnny Solinger had been their singer for the previous 15 years, following Sean McCabe and founder Sebastian Bach. This reformulated lineup made its live debut on May 22 and performed over the weekend during Metal Meltdown at Saskatchewan, Canada. Apparently, Skid Row drew negative commentary from some corners, along the way.

Harnell has also had enough. "If you don't like the videos or other career stuff I post," he said via his personal Facebook page, "then don't 'like' it or comment on it on my page. Go to some other page with people like you and hate on me or whoever! At least I'm out there working and doing my best."

Bach, who has been similarly critical of his Facebook fans, will release an autobiography through HarperCollins next January.

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