In a recent interview with 14 year-old radio host Miles "The Shoe" Schuman, Sebastian Bach is calling out 796,000 of his 800,000 Facebook page fans.

The reason? Bach's new solo record, 'Give 'Em Hell' only sold 4,000 copies in the States during the first week of release. And while that was enough to help the record land in the No. 72 position on the Billboard album charts, Bach ponders where the majority of his Facebook fans were last week.

Acknowledging that his 2011 record 'Kicking & Screaming' debuted in the exact same chart position, he wonders why his Facebook fan page engagement is so high but that his album sales are not reflective of that.

"I have over 800,000 people that like my Facebook page, that read every word I write on my Facebook page — over 800,000 — and yesterday, it said…75,000 or 80,000 people are talking about it," Bach tells the radio host. "I would like to thank the 5,000 out of the 800,000 that got my record, and I would like to ask the other 795,000 people, 'Why are you on my page? Are you there to look at the pictures? Is that why you're there? 'Cause that's simple. If that's what you want, I'll put some pictures up, or whatever.' But I have no clue, when it says 800,000 people and 70,000 people today are talking about this, what are you talking about? What? Like, what are you talking about? [Laughs] I don't get it. Like, what? What? What? 'Oh, he's got a new record out. I've loved him for years. I'm not gonna buy that.' [Laughs] I don't get it. I don't understand. I don't get it. I don't know why you're on my page. Like, for what? Why? What? [Laughs] I totally don't get it."

During the interview, Bach also takes the time to address the general consensus that rock music is a dying breed. He singles out the pop, rap and country music genres as continuing to post impressive overall album sales and wonders why rock fans aren't engaged in the same way.

"Country music fans go out and buy the CD. Rappers go out and buy the CD. Justin Bieber fans go out and get the CD. I've got 800,000 people on my page, and 795,000 of them don't get it. [Laughs] Thanks! Killer! Thank you! I appreciate that. Thank you, rock and rollers," Bach says.

"It's up to the music fans. It's, like, you read rockers [complaining about how], 'Oh, rock is dying,' and everything. Yeah, you're killing it. Unless you're down at Best Buy buying your favorite band's new album, don't talk about rock being dead, because you're the one murdering it. Country music is alive and well, rap music is kicking ass. So I don't know what to say."

It is not just Facebook and the dismal sales of rock music confounding Bach, however. He takes the time to publicly address the fact that his former band Skid Row have been so reluctant to reunite with him for a tour or new studio album and admits that he does not quite understand why.

"We're all gonna be dead soon," he says, referring to both him as well as his former band mates in Skid Row. "Life is short. It's, like, 'Wow! Really? OK.' I don't know how other people think. None of us are getting any younger. That's the fact of the matter."

"I'm not here to put people down… If they're happy, that's great. [But] It's just pure insanity to not [want to reunite]… If you were offered a job with somebody that maybe you didn't get along, but somebody was gonna pay you, like, half a million dollars if you did a job with this guy, wouldn't you just say, 'OK, I'll do it.' [Laughs] Who says 'no'? Who says, 'No, thank you'? 'We're not gonna get along. We're just gonna fight, and you keep your money.'"

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